Sun PR is a full-service communications agency focused on helping companies and NGOs identify and build engaging narratives tailored for key audiences to steer industry dialogues in new directions. We create compelling content and earned and social media communication strategies to reach a wide variety of our clients’ stakeholders, including customers, investors, policymakers and academics. With a focus on climate tech and sustainability, our clients are addressing climate ambitions and societal challenges with new technology and committed advocacy.

Carol Hanko

Carol Hanko, Founder

After a brief stint in a senator’s press office in D.C., followed by a short-lived gig as a reporter, Carol landed in San Francisco during the dot-com rush in the late 90s, where she worked for a technology marketing agency. In 2001, she moved to Austin for the space and sunshine, where she oversaw operations for several communications agencies.

During her career, Carol has worked both in-house and on the agency side supporting start-up and global company brands across the technology industry. Technologies supported include enterprise software, solar power, electric vehicles, carbon capture, cybersecurity and semiconductors. Carol is passionate about technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as energy management and renewable technologies.

Carol’s journalism background combined with her instinct to translate technology into business and real-world value has continuously helped elevate her work and her clients’ stories.

Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins, PR Manager

Driven by a desire to create a better future for all, Michelle joined Sun PR in 2021 to broaden her strategic communication and community engagements skills and influence meaningful outcomes for the agency’s clients.

Prior to her start at Sun PR, Michelle mobilized public support as a communications and outreach specialist for transportation and infrastructure projects in the civil engineering industry for nearly five years. Her clients included state departments of transportation, tolling agencies, cities and regulatory agencies. She developed and implemented public engagement plans, coordinated logistics for special events and created polished and engaging outreach materials. She excels at grasping complex ideas and translating them into easily digestible messages to reach a wider audience.

Michelle began her career in journalism, working as a reporter, online editor, and radio producer for several media outlets, including NPR.

Lexi Michel

Lexie Michel, Communications Account Strategist

Lexie joined Sun PR in 2020 with a passion for storytelling and a background in journalism and marketing. At Sun PR, Lexie amplifies clients’ stories through content creation with a wide range of top-tier climate and technology reporters and influencers.  

Prior to Sun PR, Lexie had already evolved her love of building stories that drive positive change through an array of professional experiences. Over the course of several internships – writing stories for the news and digital divisions of NBC in San Diego, developing marketing strategies and content for two small companies, and a brief stint as a Congressional intern—Lexie has developed a knack for identifying what is relevant for the news cycle and what pops on social media. She also brings extensive social experience to Sun PR from her time on iHeartMedia’s promotions team, orchestrating promotional events and generating social buzz.  

Morgan Robinson

Morgan Robinson, Content Strategist

As a writer at heart, Morgan joined Sun PR in 2020. Over the past few years, Morgan has evolved her expertise on writing voice and is dedicated to producing and amplifying content that empowers companies and communities to impactfully share their stories through any medium.

Curious by nature, Morgan appreciates the challenge of turning complex information into engaging and educational resources across various industries. Her prior experience includes supporting Allstate Insurance with communications services and working as the managing editor for a luxury fashion website. She also holds a breadth of advertising knowledge from her media internship with advertisement agency GSD&M.

Morgan studied English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago and completed coursework in London and Barcelona. Morgan is involved in several communities dedicated to social impact, strategic philanthropy, impact investing (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She is also a certified yoga instructor.